Our union organization arrange the giant theatrical performances on 7th Dec,2010.

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By wenzhou municipal party committee propaganda department, the wenzhou city culture ChuBanJu and wenzhou broadcasting news federation of trade unions, wenzhou mass art jointly organized the first private enterprise culture festival was grandly held in our company. To our watching performance staff including braided federation of trade unions and million town, our company also related leaders trade union organization masses of employees to participate in view. This performance of wenzhou private enterprises are all pure to pick out the excellent programs, also have wenzhou show-biz representative, such as wenzhou famous singer LiuJie. Performance content also abundant, not only have we often look and dancing performance, and magical magic show, more rare "suddenly turn hostile" skills. 8 o clock, the performance is going to end. IREST employees give high evaluation to this performance, the consensus that the program is very excellent, this to enrich the masses of staff amateur life, improve enterprise cohesive force has important significance. We also hope that the relevant government agencies more can organization after several similar activities.
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