we are the co-organizer of the fourth world tourism ambassador final match 2010.

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       The world tourism ambassador championship finals (WTACF) is first founded by Chinese in the world, taking "tourism culture, exchange ambassadors, competition draft" as the theme of world top brand competition, is a beauty in the world beauty of tourist culture messengers award activity. This contest tenet is tourism industry is development and human history also is the progress of civilization as a background, based on the competition for the bridge, the selection of integrating beautiful, intelligent, fraternity of contemporary international female, representative series undertaking in the countries (regions) own tourism image, brand, promote the tourism culture spread between regional and international tourism development, leading the world tourism economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation . The fourth world tourism ambassador final match started in 2011 on January 5 to 13 held in changsha . This event to "beauty in China happy hunan" as the theme, sponsored by changsha television women channel. Then, from Beijing, Inner Mongolia and Tibet, shandong province, chongqing, Shanghai, xinjiang, hunan tourism ambassador candidate scarlett will flock to changsha, title-game appearance fierce conflicts. It is reported, the world tourism ambassador champion finals with "tourism culture, exchange ambassadors, competition draft" as the theme, it is a global tourism culture angel poll. Currently awards Our company has always actively participate in various contest and activities, advocate healthy life. the national tourism ambassador for the world tourism finals, contribute their strength, hope the world tourism ambassador finals will runs more and more successful.
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