October 30th, 2010, we won the 2009 annual massage appliance export top five enterprises!

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Recently, the commerce of China pharmaceutical health care products import and export granted the appliance export five strong member enterprise glory to us , zhejiang haozhonghao co.ltc gave nameboards recognition for health products . haozhonghao awarded "2009 annual export top five enterprises of massage instruments" as well. This is the third year win the award following the 2007 and 2008 . Since the global financial crisis , massage appliance export is confronted with new challenges. But we seeking machine, contrarian endeavour, make the export trade stand and the test still got good grades. Chinese medicine health care products import and export Chambers of commerce is the Mofcom subordinates, one of six import and export Chambers of commerce established organization in May 22, 1989 . Its purpose is to establish the government administrative management, enterprise is business, chamber of commerce of coordinated service three parts of foreign trade new system. Members of the existing enterprise have more than 1600, throughout the country, more and more influential health protection products production and import and export trade enterprise have joined chamber of commerce in domestic now.
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